Diör Vikings TV serie cästing group


Diör Vikings TV serie  cästing group, I know that recently  you wör looking for male actors and you wanted them to be only 17-23 years old...

Diör Vikings TV serie cästing group,

I know that recently you wör looking for male actors and you wanted them to be only 17-23 years old and i'm not quite like that. But i'm gonna approach you enivei, cause i'm pretty sure that you want to teik me to your production, once you hear who i am. 

In Finland we have this thing Turku. It is also called Åbo in svidis. Turku is an veri veri old town and we have all the castles and everything here. It is known, that maybe here has been a little bit vikings also. 

So i am turkish woman and thats why veri much kind of skandinavian. I'm almost blonde, and in a keeping up appearance of skandinavian likeness, i colour my hair. But its veri much natural, so you cannot tell the difference. 

My great-great-grandparets are from sweden ja eiku and my cousings lives there too. They actually don't really are svidis but my fathers sisters, my ants, moved there when we had this war around here. I learned that vikings wör mostly svidis people, so i believe that i am too. Not svidis, but a viking. 

And you know whats the greatest thing here? I'm not regular viking – i am a viking queen!

Oh yes. And how do i know it? 

Well before i knotist this viking thing, i was a Queen of Turku. Yes, everybody... my readers... my friends... my family... i think so. When i saw this Lagertha from Vikings serie i notist that we are like two berries – you know, strawberry and blueberry, haha, a little joke here. I'm also comedian. 

But you don't have to be a genius to understand that if i'm a Queen of Turku i must be now a turkish viking queen also. Now you have a once in a lifetime chance to have an aktual viking, shield maid and queen to you prouction. 

So, where do i sign? 

Yours sinshere.. sincreche... sincerely,
Laura, the Viking Queen of Turku 

Ps. I can't come to shootings there because i have this baby and taapero. But you most certainly can remove your production to Turku. This is veri veri nice place and you gonna love Föri. It's a small ferry.

Pps. Here is nice photo of me being a viking

Ppps. I teik my reward in gold

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